There is a road from the eye to the heart
that does not go throught the intellect



It's been four years since I post on here for the last time ....

What has led me to write this has nothing to do with revenge or anger, but a deep feeling of loss and disappointment. Someone said "There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.” There is no more powerful action than forgiveness.
For almost 5 years, I thought Robert Petril and I were good friends. He infected me with enthusiasm and led me to believe that "if you can dream it you can do it. In 2012/13 , I agreed to co-design with him as well as design a few pieces of my own. I also agreed to create all of the 3D renderings for every design for him on spec (on good faith) over the last five years. I have not received payment for the renderings or any sales related to his last go around with my designs. I believe I received one payment for $70. I admit that, in the beginning, I didn’t want to get paid because I knew his financial situation and, as his friend, I wanted to help. I am the designer of several of the pieces he appears to be taking credit for on social media and they appear to be part of the collection he just re-launched at High Point Market and online. I did not know my designs were being produced and re-launched until I saw them advertised on social media, nor did I give my permission for them to be reproduced . Robert Petril did not communicate that with me. I will forget his disloyalty, his lack of principles and sense of friendship. I will forget the way he played with my dreams and betrayed my trust. And I will forget him. I don't want this to reduce a second of happiness in my life and I am a firm believer that karma will do the rest. I know my truth and so does he. And now I know who he is—just a simple satellite that shines by light reflected from every sun he passes by in his path.

I don't ever feel guilty about removing toxic people from my life …

ARIA designed by Ari Signes

Here SOPHIA ...It was born as a second option of ARIA 

September 2017, Sophia is now a Robert Petril Design.

Aria Sofa designed by Ari Signes

Magnolia Emporiom shop

Las Vegas furniture market 2016

Sofia Sofa designed by Ari Signes

In Jaxon Home

Las Vegas furniture market 2016

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