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Led .....just a new era of home lighting

Led ...a new era of lighting

I think the right lighting in our home creates mood, feeling and plays on our emotions.It not only provides a first impression of your home but it also adds value. Today we can transform various emotions into light and colour .Everything helps to enhance the atmosphere of any place ,no matter what the project is, it can help you create the perfect settin .Nowdays designing the right lighting is an art that can transform your home into a whole new place.To provide your home with many spectacular lighting effects that creates suggestive ambiences achiving a more intimate feel is a clearly signal of modernity. Literally ,"Lighting is the jewelry that gives your home or business an elegant look and feel"creating suggestive atmospheres taking full advantage of LEDs .LED lighting has been around since the 1960s, but is only beginning to emerge in .Now LED home lighting is about a shift in lighting culture that leads us  to futurist homes and buildings that we used to see in all those science  fiction movies .LED lighting for home including outdoor, deck and landscaping. ...You can see them anywhere .

Smart-ologic Corian Living by Karim Rashid
LED lighting in home became, over the years, one of the most affordable lighting methods. Many people tend to replace the common bulbs with LED lighting that provides many advantages when using it, especially if you want to use it on your entire property. One of the most important aspect is that you can save electricity and implicit, money.

The Micheli Residence by Simone Micheli

A Contemporary Kitchen by Mal Corboy

Denispopov Bar in St. Petersburg, Russia2

Town@HouseStreet by Simone Micheli
Town@HouseStreet by Simone Micheli
Atomic Spa Suisse by Simone Micheli

The Yas Hotel Interiors by   Jestico + Whiles

Now is the right moment when the famous quote from Blade Runner makes sense" I've seen things you people wouldn't believe"


Juliette Samuel said...

These are absolutely beautiful. I love the bedroom concept. LED might've started in the past, but it IS the immediate future.

Juliette Samuel

Ari Signes said...

You are so right !!.
I feel the future becomes present when I see those pictures.
Thank you so much for stopping by Juliette !!

Paula Ga said...

Not my kind of thing, but completely breathtaking for the eye.
I would go to a place that looks like this to a have dinner or a drink.

Vicki Flynn said...

Really awesome, Ari! It takes you into a different place and space...

Robert Petril said...

A feast for the eyes!! Awesome post!

Macarena - Chic et Posh said...

Ari, you've killed me with this post! It's EXCELLENT! I love how the expanding trend of using LEDs for residential decor, something that was a taboo not so long ago. I die to see what you're about to create, so far all of your 3D projects took my breath away!
What can I say about the ending quote of this note? Nothing, I prefer to stand up, and give you an ovation with Vangelis music playing in the background! XoXo

Mini said...

Nice Post....I really liked the pictures...I want to add Home Lighting when ill remodel my house..

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