There is a road from the eye to the heart
that does not go throught the intellect


Le Royal Monceau New Paris Luxury Hotel by Philippe Starck

Philip Starck just did it again !!

Philipe Starck's creativity and his capacity to dream never ceases to amaze me .I am absolutely captivated by him .He has created an amazing  univers of icons...a dreamy parallel universe where you have the feeling of entering another reality. I would like to take a glimse into his mind I bet it would be  like walking through a surrealist whimsy.

"When I design, I don’t consider the technical or commercial parameters so much as the desire for a dream that humans have attempted to project onto an object". — Philippe Starck

In 2008, the famous hotel closed after a memorable  "Demolition party" which attracted artists from all over the world  and the luxury hotel, designed by Philippe Starck, reopen last 2010-12-22 with a unique formula dedicated to art ....Art is everywhere in   Le Royal Monceau

The starting point of his inspiration was the 1930s, a magnificent period for Parisian luxury hotels There are hints of Cocteau and Dalf in some of the details àosen by Philippe Starck.


A collection of photographs is on show throughout the entire Royal Monceau 


For the ceiling of one of the restaurants, Stéphane Calais has designed a French garden, a very colorful abstract painting that gives the site rhythm and emphasizes its perspective.



In the rooms, where various photographic prints are displayed, the designer has voluntarily placed the pictures on die ground in order to rake the mystique out of photography. He also wanted to distinguish, in a radical way, the frontier between photograph and decoration. At present, if you hang a print in a classic format on the wall under a pretty wall lamp, it loses a little of its interest, it disappears. With this option, visitors will be able to move the pictures, put objects in front of them, and so forth. It is a strong element of the rooms: the photographs are very big and can easily reach one metre sixty. In a junior suite, there will be anything from two to seven prints  

Contemporary art is at the heart of the Identity of the new Le Royal Monceau .It's just
a new form of luxury hotel in Paris with new services putting art at its centre .

 "Le Royal Monceau is a project which has made real a dream of creating somewhere different: somewhere nourished with its own history and vibrations, as well as with Paris; a sentimental space woven from encounters, sensations and emotions, inhabited by the French spirit, impregnated with culture, and dedicated to the sole genuine elegance: that of the heart.It all started with the desire to remodel the classic codes of luxury hotels and so project them into a new dimension. But the project also derives from an affirmation of a slightly insane, infinitely poetic determination to break with custom, to steer clear of the apparently inevitable, to welcome the unusual, and to declare a tenderness for panache and impertinence, for fantasy and excess, while still cherishing rigour and perfection- "Le Royal Monceau


Robert Petril said...

What an amazing feast for the senses! Genius.

Christopher said...

Really amazing! I don't know where the inspiration comes from!
The hotel in Bariloche I've been to has really delicate furniture and marvelous decoration.

Sophia's Lover said...

Silent friend of many distances, feel
how space dilates with each breath of yours.
Among the rafters of dark belfries peal
your own sweet tones. Your predators

will grow strong upon such fare.
Know transformation in its varied sign.
Which experience produces most despair?
If drinking offend, transform yourself to wine.

Be, in this immensity of night,
the magic force at your sense's crossroad;
the purpose of their mysterious plan.

And though you fade from earthly sight,
declare to the silent earth: I flow.
To the rushing water say: I am.


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