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Yoko Furusho in wonderland ....

Oxygen Girl for the advertisement campaign of their BB cream from MAYBELLINE NEW YORK.My first cup of coffee in the morning tastes so good but it tasted even better today .I came across something that added a little sugar to my bowl...never better said :)....To add a bit more of sweetness to your morning makes the new day looks even better , doesn't it ? .And today that sweetness comes from Yoko Furusho.

I'm pleased to be able to note an article from  Yatzer   featuring the New York based illustrator from Tokyo  Yoko Furusho  .She was in Barcelona on July to do a live painting. You can find more information here : Yoko Furusho: Live in Barcelona (Yatzer) .  To find this article was like taking a kid to a candy store . I couldn't help but go and  search for more information about  her......I am hopeless .If You want to  know her a bit more, just  follow this link about Yoko Furusho

Such great detail in each illustration...just wonderfuly stunning ....
   "Full blossoms"

 "Hair for Vain Magazine ink and acrylic on watercolor paper  "

 "Gozilla" - The issue about Japanese people who came to New York.

"Melancholy for DPI Magazine ink and acrylic on watercolor paper"

"Seven Deadly Sins for Vain Magazine ink and acrylic on watercolor paper"

"Seven Deadly Sins2 for Vain Magazine ink "

Everything is Connected for Amelia's Magazine The issue about "Everything is Connected"
 "Children living on the clouds for Chinese Fairy Tale"

 For Amelia's Anthology of Illustration The issue about global warming. it describes the fact people try not to face with the reality

After the huge earth quake and tsunami hit Japan , Yoko Furusho decided to sell her poster prints "Headfone Dreamy" for the rescue and recovery of Japan .  She donate all the profits from the sales of this prints through Red Cross Japan.

"Headfone Dreamy "


Yoko Furusho: Live in Barcelona from Peter Crosby on Vimeo.
Shot by Peter Crosby , this short film follows the artist’s one-off, sight specific drawing which altered the store’s window display and filled it with Sweet Dreams. Furosho’s influences are manifested in her live painting where the dream-like nature makes customers’ minds travel, transmitting a strong artistic statement. The drawing will be on display until the 15th of September "
Read more on Yatzer

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