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Philippe Starck's Yoo Pune in India


" I have never been interested by architecture, nor design. I am only interested by “us”. When working on a project, a place or an object, I always focus on the profit my creation may have on the persons who will use them. For yoopune, I was thinking of bringing something more to my cultural tribe in India by creating a place where they can blossom and be happy " -Philippe Starck

The aspiring, modern India has the Philippe Starck'slatest and first Indian project: Yoo Pune, a residential paradise for families situated in the heart of nature, sustainable, safe, luxurious and .... inspired by Starck .He has chosen Magarpatta city for his project. This is India's first settlement to be certified for its environmental awareness and is located just a few kilometres away from the centre of the district capital of Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Pune looks back on an eventful history spanning more than one thousand years and was the seat of government for various ruling dynasties.

Philippe Starck has developed two interior styles for the future residents of Yoo Pune. “Classic” is elegant and timeless. It is tasteful and inspired by traditional Indian interiors with dark wooden floors and sombre tones.

“Nature” is in tune with the surrounding tropical nature. With light wooden floors and lots of natural light. Light Italian marble creates a sophisticated but understated backdrop and is ideal for showcasing individual elements. For example, the Louis XV chairs covered with animal skins in the dining room, or the designer chairs in the living room. The wall-sized picture is beautifully displayed without detracting from the impact of the accessories.

 The Parisian designer and  Duravit  , the traditional ceramic manufacturer based in the Black Forest have been collaborating on creative projects for more than 15 years. With his own unconventional approach, Philippe Starck created the Starck 1 range in 1994, with shapes clearly descended from their historical predecessors, the bucket, the tub and the washbowl. The success story continued with the Starck 2, 3 and X ranges, and Starck recently designed a series for the kitchen. “yoo inspired by Starck” can be found all over the world

 Philippe Starck continues the principle of combining understated, beautifully finished surfaces with carefully selected individual pieces in the bathrooms. Here, too, the walls and floors are clad in light Italian marble. The bathtub is sunk into a marble block that stands in front of a large window. The tropical views add a further dimension to luxuriating in a relaxing bath. The wash bowl from Duravit’s Starck 1 range is placed on a marble-topped table. Philippe Starck also designed the bathtub and toilets for various Duravit series.

In the parent's bedroom, a combination of colour, lightness and wood creates comfort and a feeling of sanctuary

In the children’s room, furniture and wallpaper featuring bold flashes of colour add a sense of fun to the décor


despar2 said...

Beautifully decorated. I especially love the picture mural..absolutely stunning.

Office Chairs said...

Beautifully decorated. I especially love the picture mural..absolutely stunning.
Office Chairs

Sharon Jones said...

Beautiful work, Ari!
How have you been?

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sharon ♥

Relocation furniture said...

Very modern! I really love the interiors. The furniture are perfect specially the white bed. So pretty! Nice post!

Isabel De Yzaguirre. said...

Hola, Ari:

me encanta cómo escribes y por ello eres merecedora del Liebster Blog Award!!!

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