There is a road from the eye to the heart
that does not go throught the intellect


Bathed by the Mediterranean sea....

I was born in the Mediterranean Coast of Spain and few months ago I moved to a coastal city where I am blessed with the nearnes to the sea and that Mediterranean climate of sun nearly every day of the year .The Mediterranean is characterized and immediately recognised by its deep blue colour and a very special, magic light that gets very strong in summer. I can't help but become fascinated with it whenever I see it . Over the centuries the wonders and shores of the Mediterranean have inspired countless poets, writers , artists , travellers ...the essence of the Mediterranean : the look, the colours, noises, smells and tastes have influenced the travellers from all over the world
I've always felt a really strong conection to the sea and I have always had a longing to be near the sea so now I finally live next to it I share my life and my inspiration with it ....

Photography by Ari Signes

This will be my first post about Mediterranean style ....Mediterranean look in design or decoration and the color palette are as rich and diverse as the natural world that inspires them . If there's someting Mediterranean-style home offers is a feeling of sunshine...There is a mix of cultures and styles from countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea...the southern regions of Europe along the Mediterranean Sea are warm, balmy climates, conducive to outdoor living. Mediterranean decor reflects the natural colors and rustic textures found along the coastline. these countries each bring a mix of local color and culture to the interior schemes that embrace the blend of indoors and outdoor living.The melding of different influences has come to influence other decorating schemes as well .Mediterranean decor, then, is seen not only along the Mediterranean coastline, but throughout the Western continents as well. It has been re-interpreted to adapt to individual regional climates, color and culture, drawing from local materials and crafts to establish yet another niche in the vast array of schemes that is Mediterranean deco.

Photography by Brie Williams

Excerpt from: Mediterranean Style
"Mediterranean style is bright, bold, colourful, simple, ethnic, textured, and is firmly underpinned by its emphasis on natural materials and natural effects. Although extraordinarily diverse in its national or regional manifestations, there is something at its core that is not only attractive and relevant to the Mediterranean itself, but has a much greater and wider appeal"

Photography by Brie Williams

" The very word Mediterranean signified sunny skies and balmy weather, and for thousands of years these shores had been a kind of Eden, fruitful with grapes and olives and lemons. What better reason could there be to explore further?"-Paul Theroux
 Photography by Ari Signes

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