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Dreamy whitewashed house in Paros ...

This morning I woke up feeling as lazy as the groovy mellow sound of  rain pattering on the windows .Since I can't go for a walk along the beach , I've just coaxed myself into a daydreaming mood and I'm going to let my imagination take me away to the awe-inspiring Cyclades islands .
 A pipping hot coffee is all I'll take on this journey with me :) .
This beautiful Summer house is situated in the eastern part of the  Island of Paros  -  Cyclades  (Greece).Here, all the buildings are wisely adapted to the daily needs of their residents, while at the same time wonderfully adhering to the modestly beautiful Cycladic lines. This house has elements of traditional whitewahsed Cycladic architecture with a minimal modern presentation.
Design and Construction by Alexander Logodotis 
Art to fit. Photo: Nikolareizi Ioanna





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alingliga said...

Great looking house!
What are the main materials used to build it?

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