There is a road from the eye to the heart
that does not go throught the intellect


Le Maison D'Ulyse.... Under The Sun of Provence.

 The Maison d’Ulysse 
The  B&B  La Maison d’Ulysse is situated at a short drive from the beautiful town of Uzès in the Languedoc Region one of the most stunning regions in France . The property is a former silkwork farmhouse that dates back to the 18th century .It was taken over by the current owners in 2009 . They carried out an extensive renovation of the house and buildings while maintaining the rural beauty and rustic nature that characterises the property. The owners ,Guy and Gauthier ,have combined history with contemporary style ,respecting the foundations of the building but at the same time blending in their own distinctive taste in furniture and decor
    Ulysses Dumans would probably be proud of the guest house rooms which today welcome the travellers of France and Navarre .Indeed long ago the Maison d'Ulysse was de the birthplace od the poet ,photographer and archaeologist Ulysse Dumas (1872-1909) ,a major local figure
This is the ideal place to spend a few days getting away from it all. The area is full of cultural sites and places of natural beauty, so even though this B&B is in the countryside you won’t be short of things to do.

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