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A look back at past ...Chinese vintage

       Few days ago I had the opportunity to see "In the mood for love" again.
I can  still remember the deep visual impact that this film  had on me when I saw it for the first time .It's just a beautiful and stunning movie  where every minute the movies attention to detail  becomes charming and simple and pure,quiet and deep....It doesn't need some extra effects or noise the film just tells a story  about true deep feelings. The camera is perched like a voyeur, snatching glimpses from doorways and corners.....someone said about this movie :"This film is a sweet kiss blown to a time long since over, a time that may have existed only in the movies"

This month  the home decorating magazine AD published a photographic report that perfectly caught   the deep atmosphere and vintage style of that film,....

The movie set in the Shanghai community of Hong Kong in 1962 and one of the film's chief pleasures is the attention to detail in the production design with evocative period interiors, retro colors and knockout wardrobe.You can see the stunning fusion where east meets west in many ways .

The atmosphere itself is created by the interplay of the ambering light and using
reproductions of  Sixties furniture and later designs

Just to add the soundtrack is totally worth the purchase

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