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The power of purple

I'm totally  fond of my eye-catching purple ,  especially dark and grey purple . Purple is a color ususally associated with nobility , intuition, knowing, spirituality that often used to symbolize magic and mystery. It has a special, almost sacred place in's rare one . Even the grays put in more appearances than purple. Perhaps that’s what makes it so special....its rarity .It's just a   very exciting and unusual color to work with but not everyone's cup of has been with us for several years but his passionate hue has held its own as a color trend with longevity in the market .

GUADARTE  is one of the most recognised firms in the field of high decoration from Spain , characterised by high quality standards and exclusive and handcrafted designs presented in  the international fair for furniture in Madrid and  Paris a divers range of products through four stands .In two of them you could come across the company's unmistakable New Baroque style which includes a range of patinas in white and grey shades Among its new features I might also mention a series of a fantastic wrought-iron chandeliers featuring hand made glass as weel as display cabinets and showcases based an old wardrobes .
I can't help to choose some pic's of their new catalogue where new baroque style and purple are the main characters .

 I find it fascinaiting  to play with colors like purple  for a sexy and new baroque design that together with those washed purple walls ,velvet ,white patine  and glass help to create a  dramatical and surreal  atmosphere

A purple grey with antique white and grey patine is an earthy, conservative color combination with a touch of the mystery that purple provides.It can be subtle and sophisticated, or powerful and punchy..

I'm particularly fond of how the purple scheme works for creating a peaceful and sophisticated

Don't you think this chandelier is just amazing ?....They say Baroque was rich and exciting , for the first time it was possible to express in design, architecture and art the full range of range of human emotions, experiences and aspirations

A purple room it does look peaceful and can boost a child's imagination or an artist's creativity.

"Purple lovers are generally blessed by a true sense of values. Here genius is often found, but genius that never promotes itself. One of their greatest charms lies in the sublime quality of their minds: an abiding wisdom which they never attempt to force on others.~ Faber Birren "


Anonymous said...

very magestic and mysterious! I love it! Great finds!

Paula Ga said...

Love purple. It gives me peace and a sensation of shelter. It's magic. Also love to wear it in clothing!.
The cristal ornaments are awesome!!!
Great post!

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