There is a road from the eye to the heart
that does not go throught the intellect


Dreaming of Maria Callas ...

As soon as I saw this bedroom the memories of Maria Callas that had been clawing at the back of my mind for years was actually becoming real!.

Whenever I think about her I always picture her surrounded by so many fascinating things.She indulged in the luxury and splendour but also hunted by the mystery and pain .If I could choose a name to call this room it would be "Casta Diva " .The subtle alchemy between black and velvet fabrics give to it a unique glamourous and mysterious spirit.
The palette color where black plays an important roll being used as an accent, to draw attention to important details always helps to create a dramatic and theatrical atmosphere .

Colour will play an important part in getting the right look and I find the palette of dark grey , dark brown, "mouse back color " and black convey heavy emotion In the past the thought of black curtains ,walls ,furnitures ... made many people shudder but fortunatelly in these current days we dare to broaden our horizons and our palette

"There is joy and pain in the blinding obliterating radiance of the light and brilliance and terror and beauty in the impenetrable darkness of the darkest night of the soul."

O pure Goddess, who silver

These sacred ancient plants,
Turn thy beautiful semblance on us
Unclouded and unveiled...
 Temper, o Goddess,
 The brave zeal
, Of the ardent spirits,
Scatter on the earth the peace
 Thou make reign in the sky...
 Complete the rite : and the sacred wood
Be clear of the laity.
When the irate and gloomy God
Asks for the Roman’s blood
My voice will thunder
From the Druidic temple.
 He will fall ; I can punish him
. (But my heart is unable to do so).
(Ah! Return to me beautiful
 In your first true love ;
Ah! Return to me beautiful
With your serene ray;
 I’ll have life, sky
And homeland in your heart.
Ah, return again as you were then,
 When I gave you my heart then,
 Ah, come back to me.)

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