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A Weekend in the clouds

Friday at last !!
I was thinking about how to spend my time on this weekend and in my fantasies, I see myself   in the Swiss Alps staying in a wooden igloo at the top of a mountain squeezing the final days of Winter .
Crazy ,right ?.......This is an unique place you don' t find elsewhere.. ..

Whitepod hotel won the tourism Award for Innovation.It's  not just another hotel. It's an exclusive resort .Unique and ecological .

I think it is a good place for a very romantic weekend, especially when there is much snow and the place looks like in a fairy tale.
The atmosphere looks like very relaxed and informal...

having a drink in front of the fire as the light faded and the stars broke through must be a pretty awesome thing to do ...

Definitely recommended for a different weekend with an unusual combination of catering for both romantic and outdoor activities

They say "Whitepod is inspired by a desire to create a haven of beauty and tranquility where guests can restore tired bodies and jaded spirits in the knowledge that their presence will bear little if no impact at all on the surrounding environment."

Hope you have a nice weekend no matter  what you do or where you are  ;)

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful place...wish I could spend a weekend there!.

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