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Restaurant Euniss....femenine chic (video)

It's one of my favorite interior designs ....a French restaurant called "Euniss" in my lovely city of Valencia Spain .When designing a project you work on what the client wants or desires, in this case the client wanted something fresh, something that had a feminine touch without falling back on something ordinary, something with a French feel to it, I tried to incorporate this concept and I believe that the result was very close to what my client wanted to achieve.

One of the designs created so the look wouldn't be too feminine, ( because it does have a lot of feminine touches ) was to work with very modern elements, such as micro-cement, stainless steel, and vinyl decorations....... using these elements the walls are very modern and original, combined with neo-baroque accents, such as the many mirrors that are throughout the restaurant – the fretwork has vegetable forms with a lot of movement, typical of the neo-baroque style. 

We find ourselves in the coffee house area.We chose something that was a little bit more spectacular because it was, to some extent, the restaurant’s calling card. Here everything is a little bit more modern. Starting with the bar, that is all stainless steel, with a backlight.
It keeps with the color mauve , that’s repeated all over the restaurant
There are some mural photographs, also back lighted, that show a chandelier, that is, perhaps, the restaurant’s most representative image. 
And all these elements, including the floor that is CONCRET COLORED ( EDFAN )are elements that help to give a more modern feel. What we were trying to do, is that this area, the coffee house, an area with a lot of traffic, will be the first thing people see from the street. 
So, in some way, what we wanted to do, is to capture people’s attention. And with all these elements, we encourage that outcome.the first floor of Euniss restaurant. It’s located on Hostals Street. 

The first floor  is a quite area, which invites people to relax and gather with family, that has a somewhat chic vibe. You can notice this with some of the French details, such as the photographs, the mauve color that is the focal point in some of the restaurant’s floors.
The color silver is also a linking theme. The style of the chairs. The chairs are a bit more classical than the rest, but it was a way to merge both styles: a neo-barroque style with a modern style. And I think that it was here, in the restaurant area, where we needed to portray that look. I’ve always thought that water is always a good companion for any gathering or place where people come together. So we took the chance of placing the fountain within the restaurant, and I think the result was very good. 
On this floor, we’ve placed some lac mirrors. They have a neo-barroque effect. The truth is that they are very modern because they have very straight lines and they are flat, but the fretwork and motifs that make up the mirror remind us of the vegetal fretwork of the barroque.We’ve also introduced some silver vinyl decorations on the walls, which we’ve repeated on each of the floors. Somehow, it’s a linking theme… like a grapevine that starts on the ground floor and goes up to the top floorI believe that the effect on the walls is beautiful. They are repeated in each of the floors, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s the linking theme from the ground floor to the top one. And here is where the fretwork ends. It’s a way of giving cohesion between the floors, and I think it was a good thing that we included them, because they give a sort of movement to the walls.

Opening night .....:) 

The truth is that I was lucky because the owner, Eunice, didn’t put a stop to anything that we did with this project. Actually, her obsession was to make a reality out of the project that was planned originally, and we’ve work with that premise. 

The way it was....before 

The way it is....after




Robert Petril said...

Your work is World Class!!! So great!

Mark Peacock said...

Really superb work and interior design Ari, it's quite amazing how your vision come to life transformed that empty space...... now if the food is as good as how the restaurant looks........ then I think Euniss will have many returning patrons ;-)

Loving Life in Southern California! said...

What a fantastic job! I love it! I love how your actual project looks so much like the 3D rendering! What program did you use to draw the rendering? I really love your work!

Ari Signes said...

Thank you so much for your kind words it was very nice of you to drop by .
I used at least 3 different programs.Two of them were 3D Max and photoshop (the last one works well for some lighting and texture effects )

Thank you !

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