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The new announcement of ROCA "W + W". It wants to reflect how their products will also evolved while adapting to new needs.Created by the ROCA Innovation Lab. together with the designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, W+W is a truly exciting new product revelation .

ROCA" has combined the washbasin and WC to create W+W – an all-in-one washbasin and WC made from vitreous china, designed to maximise space and conserve water.
It is clear that the first thing that catches the attention of this new product is its design but it is certainly more innovative ecological character: water savings of having the sink with drain tank directly to the tank.

W + W just won an international award Design Plus ISH Frankfurt 09.

Through W+W ROCA  has created a unique product that combines functionality, sustainability and aesthetic design which consolidates the brand’s global leadership in bathroom solutions

W+W from 8deagosto on Vimeo.

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