There is a road from the eye to the heart
that does not go throught the intellect


the power of creativity doesn't have limit ...

Costa Da Morte (Shore of Death ),   a coastline of matchless beauty, where time appears to have stood still and the air is drenched in legend and mystery. This is the name given to the long stretch of coast lying in the north-west Coast  of  Spain  . On the A Costa da Morte nature has a soul; this is a land of enchanted landscapes .It comes as no surprise to learn of the pantheism of the peoples that worshiped the sun, the rocks and nature long before the coming of Christianity.

Right on that  place Antón García- Abril and Ensamble Studio have built "La Trufa" or truffle .
 Things  like this reaffirms the power of  creativity doesn't  have limit ...

La trufa ( the truffle )  is what one might call a solid bit of work, made of concrete in a very unusual fashion .The Truffle is a piece of nature built with earth, full of air. A space within a stone that sits on the ground and blends with the territory.The architect writes in Abitare that "what we had created was not yet architecture, we had fabricated a stone."

It camouflages, by emulating the processes of mineral formation in its structure, and integrates with the natural environment, complying with its laws

They were even more innovative in how they removed the interior straw formwork . To empty the interior, the calf Paulina arrived, and enjoyed the 50m3 of the nicest food, from which she nourished for a year until she left her habitat, already as an adult and weighing 300 kilos. :D

To provide the space with all the comfort and the living conditions needed in architecture, they  took the “Cabanon” of Le Corbusier as motif, recreating its program and dimensions. It is the “Cabanon of Beton” the reference that makes the truffle an enjoyable living space in nature, that has inspired and subdued us.

They say :"the lesson learnt  is the uncertainty that led us in the desire to build with our own hands, a piece of nature, a contemplative space, a little poem."
 "Someone said about Costa Da Morte :"Delve into the sights and sounds of the Costa da Morte and you will enter a parallel world of light and shadow, where the sea breezes gently caress or mercilessly lash you, a world of whispering voices and of tempest and calm. A world which will awaken all your senses, even thosethat are in the deepest of slumbers. This is the place where everything commences as the starting point is also the place where everything comes to an end..."
Don't you think "La Trufa" could be a perfect place to take yourself into the paralel world of light and shadow of  the Shore of Death ? ...

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