There is a road from the eye to the heart
that does not go throught the intellect


"All Saints Day "......One is not dead until forgotten


Today the day dawned rainny but now the first rays of the sun are making their way ...what a symbolic way to start this new day !! :Like the Samhain ritual says :"As the New Year is born, we are all reborn with new hopes and dreams..." 

I love it .I took this photography last Summer.....lovely sunrise over the Mediterranean sea around 7 am.

 It's holiday here ...every 11-1 we celebrate the Christian holy day of All Saints .It's just a very special day to remember good people and to cast our thoughts to our loved ones who have passed away .In the 8th century the pope Gregory III had the catholic holiday all Saints day wich was at the time in May ,moved to November to help to blend in with the Druid celebration "Samhain " ..ironically Halloween is still more popular than the other holiday :)).

We no longer see the All Saints day celebration of yesteryear .I remember when I was a child and we used to celebrate this day altogether with tipical food and activities in Spain.There are a few traditional sweets that the Spanish eat on " Dia de todos los Santos (All Saints' Day ). The most common are  " Huesos de Santo " (literally 'saint's bones'),

which is made of marzipan and 'dulce de yema' (egg yolk cake ) and    "Buñuelos de viento "  (wind fritters) . No one knows exactly when these sweetened dough fritters, which are usually filled with cream, chocolate, pudding and anything else, began to be elaborated. But given that the Royal chef of Spanish king Felipe II made some references to this pastry in some of his recipes towards the beginning of the XVII century, has raised them to be one of the traditional culinary desserts to celebrate Dia de Todos los Santos, as tradition states that when you eat a buñuelo, a soul is released from purgatory :))))

It is the day of the year when the most flowers are sold, and the cemeteries are filled with colour from every type of flower imaginable.Many Spaniards visit cemeteries on All Saints Day to pay respect to deceased relatives and to lay flowers and clean their graves

Picture featured on L I F E

magazine and was took in Valencia ( Spain )Novemeber 2007

If you are in Spain  just seize the opportunity to see a performance of Don Juan Tenorio on All Saints' Day.. The play is the most famous (and the most romantic) story about the mythical Don Juan and is performed each year on All Saints' Day. This special performance is set for this particular day because the final act of the play takes place on the night of Todos los Santos and the character of the play is closely related to the dead).

One is not dead until today I just want to dedicate a warm thought to my loved ones that won't be here anymore ...especially for my two grannies Angeles and Vicenta and my two grandaddies Juan and Antonio. I still miss you .Your memory will keep you alive in my heart ... I  love you wherever you are .Part of who I am is thanks to you .

photography of Montjuic Cemetery Barcelona Spain

"El  Dia de Todos los Santos" (All Saints day ) is not just about mourning the loss of loved ones. It is also a day to celebrate life.

Daddy , thank you so much for the good core values you instilled. 
They identify who I am  at my core.

I love you and miss you so much it hurts 


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Un beso.

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